Benefit ‘Do the Hoola’ makeup kit Review & Giveaway!


Hey guys, Happy Friday!

Are you ready for the weekend? I know I am 🙂

Today I have a review for you of the new ‘Do the Hoola’ Makeup kit by Benefit Cosmetics, which is only available to purchase on QVC at the moment. It also features a brand new product ‘Dew the Hoola’ which you can only get in this kit at the moment as it doesn’t launch until next year, how exciting is that!IMG_5951IMG_5957

So starting off with the packaging, let’s be honest… Benefit packaging never disappoints does it 🙂 So yes very cute little kit, would make the perfect gift. Great selection of products, including some of their best sellers, Hoola Ultra Plush lip gloss, They’re Real mascara, Hoola bronzer, ‘Dew the Hoola’ liquid bronzer and Benebalm, all deluxe samples/minis. So yes great selection in my opinion, all products I own and love, actually the only one…

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Giveaway Time: Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro 1 & More

Giveaway Time: Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro 1 & More

Helpless Whilst Drying

I am, a bit of a donut. If you remember back to my Makeup Revolution Haulat the start of last month, you’ll remember that I had a load of free items to giveaway that came free with my order. I placed, bar one item, the same order twice as I accidentally deleted something from my cart to qualify for all the free items when you spent over a certain amount, with the intention of sending them back. I just opened my drawer to discover, that I hadn’t sent these back – and it was now too late.

This however is good news for you.

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